Angela L. Pagán

Are Pagán’s allowed to comment on such things? Read more

i remember when people on this site wrote about cooking. apparently that’s a thing of the past. so please help me with the following: Read more

Wait! Buy a bag of salt and vinegar chips and a bag of dill pickle chips, then mix them in a bowl! Or eat two chips at a time, one from each bag! You’ve got this! Read more

I’m sorry if commenters were roasting your lack of wine knowledge! One of the reasons i read The Takeout is to learn stuff: new ingredients, dishes I’ve never had before, fast food places I’ve never seen, food cultures from places I’ve never gone to, non-alcoholic alcoholic drinks, and so on. What i enjoy is that Read more

If Texas was still part of Mexico then this would be regional Mexican cuisine. I think it was Eva Longoria that said the “We didn’t cross the boarder, the boarder crossed us”, when she was talking about how long her family has lived in Texas.   Read more