Su-Jit Lin

My biggest pet peeve is people who put their carts right next to the bagging area of the self-checkout station rather than the other side, blocking the aisle for other people to get to open stations and often making it impossible to put your cart in the correct place in the adjacent station. I suspect it is so they Read more

Literally last week was checking out and the woman next to me was having problems and the nice lady who mans the self checkout had to go over and explain to her that it wasn’t working correctly BECAUSE SHE HAD HER BABY SITTING ON THE SCALE.

First, ew, super unsanitary. But also how fucking dumb can you be? It’s just Read more

I just generally try to bundle any items that will need clerk attention (alcohol, coupons, etc.) so they can get them all at once. It works fine. Read more

This makes me irrationally angry, look bozo all I want to do is buy the three things in my hand and you KNOW you can’t self checkout booze without a store associate scanning it for you. Assholes, the lot of them. Read more

I have never gone around someone, but this is definitely the most common user error issue I have observed at the self checkouts... that there are multiple green lights for open self checkout stations and the person at the front of the “funnel” is not paying attention or is distracted and just stands there. Sometimes Read more

Finally, don’t blast music or have loud speakerphone/video chat conversations in this congested area. Nobody needs to know that much about you, whether it’s your family tea or your musical taste (or lack thereof). Read more


Nope, that original redditor from years back had it right. Self checkout is anarchy. My only hope is that it can wreak enough havoc to slow/halt the installation of these, so that customers are no longer letting stores off the hook for having to pay employees by doing the job for free.
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“If the store is busy, your little kids should not be helping you scan items,” says Grill, a mother of toddlers herself. “I’m sure they love it and you think it’s cute, but if there is a line behind you, cut that shit out.” Save the self-checkout playtime for off-peak hours. Read more

I have much less of an issue with people using the self checkout kiosks than I do with the kiosks themselves. “Please place item in bagging area” when I’ve already placed the item in the bagging area or “unknown item in bagging area” because I accidentally tapped the scale while reaching for a bag…shut the fuck up and Read more

I have been using self-checkout almost exclusively since covid - it seemed easier and meant less human contact, which is a good thing when you’re trying to avoid getting sick. I don’t understand the bagging thing - with a few exceptions almost every self-checkout allows or makes you scan something and put it right Read more

The Wendy’s in Hicksville is the WORST.  You’re better off driving to the one in Levittown (which is probably where the incorrect order was placed).  That one is miles better.   Read more

Okay, that thing is delicious. The perfect balance of ribeye, garlic, Swiss, and onion, with the bun standing up well to the juiciness of the meat and the generous portion of aioli. Not as good as a sandwich from a specialty place that sells ribeye, but for the price it was fantastic. Definitely gonna take advantage Read more

My only beef (haha) with this, is Arby’s has fallen into the same onion string trap as Wendy’s, where every lto is the same identical boring sandwich with nothing but sauce, cheese and onion strings with a different musical meat of the month. It’s basically become the same lazy sandwich build over and over. Read more

Man, everything about this sounds delicious as hell. It’s a shame the nearest one is 3 hours away from me. I’m actually happy to hear it’s “bursting with spices, if not spiciness”… not everything needs to set your face on fire to be delicious! Read more