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Dennis, please listen - this is very very important:

McDonalds used to only allow you to use either a coupon ‘deal’ or points accrued on previous purchases to unlock free food, but now allow you to use both together. The reason I state this is because a few weeks back I gotany size fry with a $1 purchase”, had points for a double cheeseburger and bought a $2 Read more

The QT Kitchen was the best. Used to get the ham and cheese croissant  or the breakfast pizza it was all pretty good bang for your buck.  Read more

I started paying attention and cutting back on “expensive fast food” for my lunch hour. I usually skip the drink and have a bottled water at work (free). I will try and stay around $6 for a burger and fry. 4 for $4 at Wendys or a taco bell special for $5-7.
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My current favorite place to eat out is from a gas station. The burgers and fries chicken are great and they use fresh, quality ingredients. The price is similar to fast food. Their fries are not good (they are just crinkle cut and always soggy) but they have other choices for sides that are great. Read more

Agreed. The Chicago Pizza on Freeport (I hope it’s still there, haven’t been in a hot minute) used to be the best, because prior to food delivery apps, it was one of the few places that would deliver anything from the store. Read more

If our convenience stores carried the same selection of ready-made foods that they do in Japan, I would never hit a fast-food restaurant again!
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Back in 2000, I started working at my present job, and I worked alone most nights, and my main complaint was the damn music they had playing. At first, it was loud enough that people I was talking to on the phone could hear it, and after I complained for several weeks about it, they dropped the volume down to the Read more

If they started having more than 1 cashier at a time that would be greeeaaaaat. Read more

You mean you don’t love being bombarded with fluorescent light and hearing a “DJ” from the “Walmart Radio Network” yell at the top of his voice for two minutes before playing the worst pop country song ever written? Read more

Having tried this, it’s more of a sherry made from beer. Really lovely stuff, but yes, it’s a cordial, not a “beer” per se. Worth trying. Read more

Hmm. I wouldn't shell out $240 for it, but if someone were generous enough to share a taste with me, I definitely wouldn't turn it down. If it's my own money, though, I'd rather spend it on a couple bottles of nice bourbon.  Read more


For the upper middle class holiday parties so that someone can brag about it or sounds like the target audience to me. I also have a few friends that have done drunken online shopping and ended up with a replica WWE belt or similar weird stuff, I could see people like that buying this too. Read more

I’m sorry, I just can’t imagine this tasting good. And this coming from someone who prefers high-ABV beers. My beer of choice tends to be the imperial stouts (10-14%). Great sipping beers, good flavour, etc.  Give me a Prairie or a Founder’s... Read more

Man Dennis I hope you’re getting danger pay or at least good health care re: your sodium levels lately.  Read more

Makes sense, the goldfish bag that is half extra cheddar and half pretzel is delish.  This seems like just putting both in one  Read more

Make your own - many similar recipes to this out there, i’ve been making this for years, it’s super customizable:

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As someone who occasionally eats vegan (meaning that I am not vegan or even vegetarian, but my family does vegan nights occasionally for dietary variety), I have found that the least successful vegan dishes are the ones that try to emulate non-vegan dishes. Having the vegan version seems like a letdown and makes me Read more