Su-Jit Lin

Yeah, I was impressed that it actually WAS spicy, but above all, had more flavor than heat going for it! Read more

Haha, yeah I hit the gym before I did this, too. It was a must. Hope you like it! Read more

The food came out great, but I was like, what?! Seriously, I’m standing here and you won’t just take my order?! Lol. Read more

Oh, hell yeah. Bring on the zing, bring on the pain. This is a Very Good Idea. Read more

That’s because they wouldn’t give me one lol. Apparently, the price varies by region, but I’ve seen it range from $6.99 to $7.49. Read more

Right?! The bun is the PERFECT vehicle. So many good sandwiches are negated by a soggy, fall-apart bun, but this was *chef’s kiss* structurally. Read more

The brand offered the tasting and said delivering was what they were doing, so ... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But yeah, I would have preferred it fresh, were it not a dark and stormy winter night in NY! Read more

Those are great, which is why I wrote that the little sesame seeded bun is totally worth the carbs lol. Read more

Agreed! Just a little acid (hot sauce!) to counter the neutrality of it all. Read more

Ah, excellent. I haven’t tried this brand myself! Read more

Hahahahaha ... isn’t it all mystery meat? And government cheese? Yet ... why do we want it?!  Read more

Haha, mine weren’t nuked. My school baked them and we had classic NY kaiser rolls. Like I said in my story, I grew up with a good version of these sammies! Read more

Nope, the Tyson’s ones are the closest, from what I’ve tried! The GV brand has too many mystery fragments for me ... Read more

Lol, maybe for you, but I’m a lizard human that thrives in the heat. Plus, NY gets JUST. AS. HUMID. The wall of moisture you hit as you descend a subway stair is a new level of hell. Read more

Aw, that’s too bad. Still solid every time, though, albeit greasy. Read more